Sunday, 25 November 2018

Tactile pleasure

So much produce is packed in tightly sealed plastic  (blah). that it is hard to remember that it once grew on a tree, or a bush, or in the soil.

I rebel against this industrialization of our food. I try very  hard not  to buy those "oh so convenient" bags of lettuce, onions, squashes etc. which have been pealed, chopped and "washed" prior to being sold.  (Much loved Trader Joes is a serial offender.)

I take primitive pleasure in peeling root vegetables


as I did today.  

I par-boiled  the peeled carrots, together with some par-boiled parsnips.  Then I roasted them alongside a butternut squash with maple syrup in the "well".


Such a good meal!

Damn!  Delicious!  Delightful! 

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