Friday, 11 January 2019

That old Feeling.

What a star!  What a voice!

Dame Cleo Laine DBE (born 28 October 1927) is an English jazz and pop singer and an actress, known for her scat singing and for her vocal range. Though her natural range is that of a contralto, she is able to produce a G above high C, giving her an overall compass of well over three octaves.

I had, but mislaid, a C.D. of Cleo Laine singing superb love songs,  with brilliant piano accompaniment.  It was my comfort on down in the dumps days.

I've located one of the songs "That old feeling"  via You Tube

Isn't it simply brilliant;  singer and pianist alike!

Dame Cleo Laine yet lives.   She had a long and good marriage to celebrated  jazz musician John "Johnny"  Dankworth (dec'd).

Cleo Laine was honoured by U.K. Queen to become Dame Cleo Laine. John Dankworth was also honoured as a knight, becoming Sir John Dankworth.

Thus Cleo Laine can be properly addressed as Dame Cleo (her honour) or Lady Cleo (her husbands honour).

Forget that!  

Enjoy her voice and musical skill!

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