Monday, 7 January 2019

The colours of food.

Not all tomatoes are red, with tough skin and unripe flesh.  

These are Heirlooms which I bought today.  The skin is tender, the flesh is juicy and sweet.

So juicy and sweet that it's hard to cut them into polite slices for sandwiches.  Better to cut them into quarters or eighths, place them in a small bowl, and eat them with a spoon, just as they are. (A spoon rather than a fork in order to savour every taste of juicy flesh).


We think that carrots should be orange in colour.  That's because the Dutch hybridized them to that hue.

Above are photo's of un-hybridized heritage carrots. They are as sweet as sweet can be, and can be eaten raw or cooked.

So much more satisfying than those pseudo baby carrots we see in every supermarket.   

N.B. 1.   The so-called "baby carrots"  are shaped and formed by a mechanical process using  mis-shaped ones which 'baby consumers'" would probably not buy in their local supermarket. 

They are cleaned with water and a wee amount of chlorine which despite the fear-mongers is not harmful to humans.  But the process wastes a helluva amount of water.

N.B. 2  I take a great delight in peeling carrots; heirloom or "normal"!  When I peel any root vegetables I am reminded that they come from the earth, not from a supermarket.

Tomatoes and carrots bought at Sarasota's "Detwiler's  Farm Market" today.

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