Cambridge, MA connection in Sarasota FL!

My ministry as Rector at St. James's, Porter Square, MA was enriched by two terrific colleagues (they happen to be married to each other),  The Revd. Laurie Rofinot, and Patrick G. Michaels.

Patrick "Pat" was (and is) the minister of music par excellence.  He taught me so much.  Laurie joined us as the staff member for Christian Education.

Pat is enjoying a sabbatical leave.  As part of that leave he and Laurie are spending a week at Ft. Myers Beach, and will take time to explore the Everglades.

But, before Ft. Myers Beach,  they spent a night in Sarasota, so that we could have a joyful reunion.

On Friday 22nd we "visited" at my home before they took me out for a wonderful dinner.  We were at one of the most authentic  Italian Restaurants in town (Cafe Baci) - and we raved at the wonderful food.

This morning I was the host for breakfast at Sarasota's  Amish/Mennonite restaurant  "Der Dutchman".  The breakfast buffet abounded in delicious and greasy "farm food".  Just the ticket once a year!

Sarasota has a (either year round or snow bird) population of Amish folks.  The snow bird population peaks at this time of year and our Pinecraft area is filled with Amish people of many stripes, not in horse and buggy, but on bicycles and tricycles.

"Der Dutchman" was filled with these good folks this morning, so I told Laurie and Pat that they we having an ethnic feast!

Eating at a common table brings us together, so my meals with Pat and Laurie had a quasi-sacramental quality.

We rejoiced to be together.   And they like Zion!

Pat, Laurie and Zion at Der Dutchman

Cafe Baci


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