Thinking of Penne - two years on.

It was two years ago (Feb 17th)  that I said a sorrow-filled good-bye to my darling Penne, a friend for many years.

Oh what a darling she was.  She liked other people  (especially my friends Bob L, Den N, and Ed G.)   She did not care for other dogs.

I had to say good-bye to Penne  when the pain from the fused discs in her spine made her comfort impossible.

I cried for three days after her death.

Then came my dear Greyhound Ben. He was with me for a few months.

Ben was a good pal.  I can still feel his gentle nudge on my left hand as  we set out on our walks.  But his separation anxiety was so awful (and destructive) when I left him alone.  After a few months with me,  Ben was re-homed by the Racing Dog Rescue people in a home with another Greyhound where is is doing so well.

Next came Izzy a Catahoula Leopard Dog, also with me for but a few months.  

We bonded deeply and she would still be with me, save for the fact that she saw my female cat as prey and was determined to do her harm.

Izzy, a hunting dog, now has  home east of SRQ on a farm.

Back in January 2018 Zion came to live with me.   

As you know, Z. and I are joined at the hip.

But two years on,  I still miss his worthy predecessor Penne who left me two years ago today.


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