Austin was cold and gloomy - but then there was a wedding!

I was in Austin, Texas on March 15th and 16th.

Austin was not at its best.  It was overcast and downright chilly. 

The wedding guests from Cambridge/Boston MA said that it was warmer in Boston than in Austin. I believed them.

We were in the final two days of the West by Southwest Festival, a two week event which attracts up to 300,000 visitors. (Hotel prices were sky high!)

Here is a bit about the music part of the festival.

Now I will get a bit "old codger snarky".

The city was filled with thousands of young people  (20's and 30's), black, brown and white who wandered around (noses in their smart 'phones to find the nearest gig).  Many streets were blocked to traffic.

Man buns in abundance. Women and men dressed down to the max. Eating Food Truck barbecue of dubious provenance (and sad to say, leaving paper plates and plastic forks on the ground).

And riding those instantly rent-able electric scooters,  with scant regard for pedestrians and car drivers; scooters which can be abandoned at will "wherever".

In short  they were "partying to the max".  Good for them this old (and somewhat envious) fart says!  Why not!

In truth there were gigs right across the street from my hotel room, gigs which lasted until 2:00 a.m. on both nights. I decided not to get bothered with this, instead I tried to tune my heart beat to the drum beats.



It took place at the Château Bellevue - a splendid Victorian mansion on San Antonio St. in Austin.

Here is a promo video about the Château - a well known Austin wedding venue.


The groom was Tano Holmes (son of Dr. Michelle Holmes and Derrick Z Jackson - beloved parishioners at St. James's in Cambridge, MA)

The bride was Clarissa Martinez of Austin, TX.

They met in NYC and were married in a quiet civil ceremony in the Bronx last October.

The ceremony in Austin was a great celebration for their Massachusetts and Texas friends and family members.  I was honoured to be included as a guest (and not in any ecclesiastical role).

The wedding venue (1)
The wedding venue (2)

The exchange of vows.  Tano was in tears. He is a tender hearted man.

Michelle Holmes and Derrick Jackson - looking splendid

Clarissa and Tano at the reception. 

The handsome Derrick and the lovely Michelle at the reception.


Sadly Tano's older brother Omar got to be very sick (complications from diabetes) on the flight from Boston to Austin.  He was taken from the plane to St. David's Hospital in South Austin and could not be at the wedding.

His honorary Aunt/Godmother Lisa and I visited him in the  ICU  at the hospital,  on the afternoon of the evening ceremony. He was delighted to see us.  We were happy to see him. 


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