Why I traveled to Austin TX (Pittsfield MA and Cambridge MA connections)

I had been  invited to a wedding celebration there (more about this tomorrow), but I could not be in the area without visiting my dear and good friends Sam Gillen, Libby Jones Gillen, and their children Gigi (16) and Theo (13) who live there.

I'd officiated at Sam and Libby's wedding way back when in Pittsfield MA, and I baptised the two children.

Pittsfield friends -  Libby is the daughter of the late Chauncey Jones and Dr. Grace Jones.

Others - Grace Jones is one of my dearest friends.

Hamming it up with Libby

Libby (with "Winnie"), Sam and Theo

I cheated on Zion with Winnie. 10?lbs of sheer joy, intelligence and affection. Champion Squirrel chaser.

I took this horribly out of focus photo' in a hurry. GiGi and Libby were leaving on Friday evening for a Volleyball tourney in Denver. I knew in advance that my visit with them would be brief.I

Here is a much better photo'. taken a few years ago.

I could not be in Austin without visiting the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library. He, like Teddy Roosevelt was brilliantly progressive, yet fatally flawed.


I also visited the George Washington Carver Museum, Library and research centre.


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