Sunday, 10 March 2019


My vascular system is somewhat compromised -  and if you know me and my habits well you will not be surprised.

In view of this I've recently had MRI's on my left and right carotid arteries

and although there is a build up of  plaque in both, there is no blockage that call for immediate surgery.


Whoop-de doo!  so I celebrated this good news in the wisest possible way 😜😜


Biscuits with sausage and mushroom gravy at Sarasota's newly opened "Maple St. Biscuits"

Oh so good!  Non American readers should search for information about the (southern U.S.A.) biscuits. They are not a bit like the biscuits we eat with a cup of tea or coffee.


English Muffin, Heinz U.K. style baked beans, fried egg, bacon, and Irish style bangers (sausages) from Trader Joe's.

T.J's calls them Irish Style Bangers, indicating that they are made from a traditional Irish (and U.K.) recipe here in the United States.  Notwithstanding wherever they are made,  they are good!

(Irish style bangers split down the middle for grilling}.

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