Monday, 11 March 2019

Out of control excitement at a local park.

Many Sarasotans lead very quiet and uneventful lives.

That is until something upsets the neighbourhood equilibrium.

Such is the case in Arlington Park due to the presence of an outsider.

Her presence has led to great excitement and concern.

She is a 

who evidently has flown a local coop.    She lurks in the undergrowth not far from a foot path  (my dog knows this by nose)  and she clucks out onto the pathway every now and then.

I have seen her twice.

She is the talk of the park (makes your life seem to be so dull eh?!).

Rumour has it that Arlington Park is also visited by a Coyote.

Let us hope that Wily Coyote never  tracks down Henrietta the Hen.

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