Tuesday, 12 March 2019

HARRUMPH. Some common mistakes in Sarasota (GRUMPY SORT OF!)

There is no restaurant in Sarasota named "Marina Jack's".

There is marina - called "Marina Jack", and there is a restaurant at the marina.  It should properly be called "the Restaurant at Marina Jack".  Picky, picky, picky!


There is no street in Sarasota named Bahai Vista St., despite what people frequently say.

"Bahai" is a religion.

Our street is

Bahia Vista means  (I think) Bay View.  The word Bahia is Spanish and if you remember that every vowel is pronounced in that language you'll get it right!

Slightly less picky.


While I am on the topic it's important for residents and visitors alike to know that Sarasota does not have a Cattleman Road.

Image for illustration purpose only

It is Cattlemen Road.  After all, if you are driving cattle to the dock for export to Cuba (this used to happen) you need men, not just one man.


Such egregious mistakes. I lose sleep over them. (tee hee).  

But goshdarnit,  I too made a terrible mistake today.  I had an intense longing for tapioca pudding (go figure).  I bought some ready made at Detwiler's Farm Market.

Oh dear!  Too much pudding and not enough tapioca.  Much too sweet.  Next time the tapioca lust strikes I'll make my own!


There is no emoticon for today's posting, so you will have to imagine one which indicates "tongue in cheek".

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