Friday, 5 April 2019

if I've been asked once, I've been asked a hundred times......

..... "what breed is he?"  "He" of course being Zion.

For the longest time I've been saying - "maybe a bit of Golden Retriever, and some Brittany Spaniel".

I think that I've been correct about the Brittany Spaniel bit, but not about the Golden Retriever.

One day last week a couple (probably in their early thirties) hopped off their bikes to take a look at Zion.   Turns out that they own two Great Pyrenees Dogs, and they saw a lot of G.P. in Zion -  his coat and feathering, his stance, and his beard (or ruff).  And they noted his double dew claws (front and back legs) - which is very common in Great Pyrenees.

The next day I saw another walker, who said that he had owned two Brittany Spaniels and that he saw some Brittany in Zion.


Great Pyrenees, note the beard/ruff

 Brittany Spaniel Pup, note the colouring patterns.

Zion, with his beard/ruff and colouring clearly visible.


So now when I am asked, I should say "maybe a cross of a Great Pyrenees with a Brittany Spaniel".

Or I could say "a noble and ancient breed which only top drawer Englishmen are allowed to own".

But I could also revert to my usual explanation which is "he is an attention hound".

Better still  



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