Thursday, 4 April 2019

Jesus Loves The High School Boys(and a bit of huma)

Stock photo' via Google Images

Those who follow this blog will know that Zion and  I very much enjoy the City of Sarasota's hidden gem - ARLINGTON PARK.  In truth we have walked there four times today.

Once in a while we'll encounter a group of High School Athletes as they run around the park, young men without a inch of fat, and with washboard abs.  (They are probably the cross country team from Sarasota High School - just a mile away from the Park),  

(The photo' above is not of them -  it is a stock photo' from Google images which I am using to illustrate this blog).

A few weeks ago,  as they ran,  I heard the team captain (?) sing out " Jesus loves me this I know" to which the runners responded "for the Bible tells me so"


Earlier this week as Zion and I walked clockwise we saw these young athletes as they ran counter clockwise. We stepped to one side to allow the  young men to pass.

My inner clown took over and  I sang out "Jesus loves me this I know"

Right on cue the athletes responded "for the Bible tells me so!"

They came around a second time.  This time I sang "Little ones to him belong, they are weak but he is strong"

The young men saw the funny side of this and laughed out loud as they ran.

HOW WONDERFUL  that a nearly 75 years old coot, with a fat belly,  can evince laughter from some High School athletes!

Zion pretended that he did not know me!

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