Thursday, 25 April 2019

Oh the sadness of five tragic deaths in Berkshire County, MA

Below you will see three obituaries as published in the Berkshire Eagle today (April 25th).

One is is for three Karpinski children, one for their mother Justine Wilbur, one for their father Luke Karpinski.

Each died under totally tragic circumstances.

I knew Mum and Dad, Justine and Luke, many years ago when they were High School sweethearts and Luke was receiving treatment in a Boston Hospital for leukemia. Justine was his constant bedside companion.

In 2002 I officiated at their wedding.

Please pray for their extended families.

There is no need to reply to me about this  - I shed my tears when I heard about their deaths during my March trip to Texas

If this link does not work you can search for the obits in today's (April 25th)  Berkshire Eagle.

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