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The C'S: Canterbury Cathedral, Clifton Down, and Christ Church, Clifton.

The  C'SCanterbury Cathedral, Clifton Down, and Christ Church, Clifton.

I've told you a bit about my transition into Anglicanism at Canterbury Cathedral, and about the way that the very building spoke to me - saying "come home".

I've also told you about the Bristol Downs (Durdham and Clifton) and  the 441 acres of lovely open space in what is a fair sized City.

Matters came together when on a Good Friday in about 1970,  I attended an evening service at Christ ChurchClifton (which stands on Clifton Down) .

I cannot remember what the preacher said, but I do remember that I left that service knowing without a doubt that G-d, The Holy One, loved me unconditionally.

That tipped the scales.  I began to attend Christ Church just after Whit Sunday  (Pentecost Sunday) in that year.

It was at Christ ChurchClifton that I was Confirmed, and it was from Christ ChurchClifton that I was commended for Ordination.

My Dad and Mum came to the confirmation service. They had been raised as Methodists and they later affiliated with the Plymouth Brethren, so the Confirmation service was a mystery to them.

They did not know what to make of  the  folderol of the Liturgy, but one thing stuck in their minds:  A faithful and lovely Christ Church parishioner, one Mr. John Collins (long since deceased I am sure, but I can still "see" his face), welcomed them warmly, greeted them with Christly love, and made them feel right at home.

Christ Church Clifton, Bristol, on the edge of Clifton Down.

Church Building 1843/44 in a replica of the "Early English" style.

Tower and Spire (212 feet high) added in 1859.

                 So now you C.

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