Thursday, 6 June 2019

Down at the Bay, and in the Park 6th June 2019

When education is richer than teaching to the test

Tee Hee

Good to know that it's there if you need it

Provided there is not too much chop or swell

I do not like this 

Forest of masts

I met the owner

And yes, he is a Blue Heeler fan. His most recent died at the age of 14, and he is longing to get another.  Strong and strong-willed dogs.

Sarasotans love their Dolphin Fountain

Early sun reflecting from cloud to bay

For tourists of course. The evening "cruise" is cool.

At the Park

Muscovy Ducks - Insouciant fuss-pots

Natural Avenue in the early light

Oh whoopee, it's my friend again

Good morning Zion's friend.

Dammit Daddy.  I will not move until the rabbit moves.

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