D Day and the Buffalo Soldier I knew.

At St. James's Cambridge, June 2004


Of course the focus of June 5th has been on D-Day, that audacious, risky and costly landing of (mostly) Canadian British, and American soldiers on the beaches of Normandy.

But later in 1944 there was another allied invasion, through Sicily and Italy.  It was equally costly. It's all but been forgotten as D Day has become the focus of commemorations.

In that Sicilian/Italian invasion,  battling second to none, and better than many, the 92nd Infantry (the Buffalo Regiment) played a pivotal role. 

An "all coloured" (to use the language of the day) regiment fought with immense courage and immense distinction.

I wonder if there will be a commemoration later this year of their entry into the conflict and the sacrifices they made.  (Don't hold your breath).

92nd infantry men in La Spezia, Italy

Take time to read about it here


I had the great honour and privilege of knowing one of the surviving Buffalo Regiment soldiers, Kenneth D Holmes.

He died earlier this year.   His photo'  hangs on the wall by my desk

What a great man!

He had faith, dignity, wisdom, courage and humility which was beyond my grasp.


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