This and That on a hotter than Hades day!

Indoors a lot, but with some good dog walks in the (relative) cool of the morning.

95f daytime.  73f night time.  Slightly humid.  Lawns look like hay fields after they have been mowed.

A wee bit of excitement today!   Visit to my Podiatrist.  Visit to my Dermatologist.   
Does it get better than this for a septuagenarian?

It did today. Lunch with my good friend Ann A  at "Shore"  (St. Armand Circle)

Shore restaurant is good.   Ann A. is great!


And here is a bit of This and That with which I amused myself on this hot day.

Lunch yesterday.  Not as wonderful as gazpacho, but a good substitute (eaten cold) on a hot day.

All out of the blue, a neighbour gave me this outdoor teak bench which he no longer needed.  A bit of Lemon oil restored it well.

Yesterday, in a moment of weak stupidity (or stupid weakness),  I bought "flavoured water".  Such a mistake.  After one swig of this foul tasting liquid I used the rest as a toilet bowl cleaner.

Wearing a big 'at (a gift from my Staten Island cuz "Kippy") to keep the relentless sun off my balding pate.

Finally - a word of advice. Just as you get your cheese home from the market, liberate it from plastic, and wrap it in cheese cloth or parchment paper.  The cheese will thank you.


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