Monday, 3 June 2019

The U.K. Guardian newspaper discovers Sarasota's Amish

For the Guardian this is exotic Sarasota.


The Guardian article above is the "best bit".  

What follows is my observation.

Pinecraft is not exotic, it is everyday/ordinary for me since I drive through the area at least four times each day, on my way to and from Arlington Park, and shop, eat and bank there.

I estimate  that of the City of Sarasota population (57,000) or the County population (436,000) no more than 5% have stopped to enjoy Pinecraft with its:

Big Olaf's Ice Cream;  

The three Yoder's places: ( 1. Restaurant,  2. Deli, and  3. Fruit and Vegetable Market);

The Mennonite owned Credit Union where I have an account (Everence);

A few more may have feasted at the Der Dutchman restaurant.

Many more will have driven by or through Pinecraft on Beneva Rd, a busy north/south route, or Bahia Vista St (a busy east/west route) without stopping.

Yoder's Deli

Pinecraft also has an Amish/Mennonite rooted Hotel.  (No Bar!)

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