Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Get out of your car and walk!

By some impulse which I did not question I took Zion on our second morning walk on June 18th 2019, not to Bayfront Park,  but around the pond at the neighbouring Glen Oaks Manor.

It was a good impulse. I encountered two women who I've not seen for weeks.

First I met Bobby (Barbara) M.  She walks out with great vigour each morning.

Although I do not know her well  I began to admire her a few years ago when  she was taking care of her invalided husband Ed M., (now deceased).   She employed the same cheerful vigour as she pushed his wheel chair on the walk way around the pond.  He always wore a wonderful (even beatific) smile.

So good to see Bobby this morning (especially as she is about to take a break from SRQ in Michigan).

Then there was Rose-Marie Z.   We haven't seen each other in weeks.  She is a spry, dry-humoured, very beautiful, eighty-something woman of German background. Her husband Fred lives in a local nursing home.

RoseMarie walks her little mixed breed dog Heidi.  Heidi used to bark like crazy at Zion until I said  "RoseMarie let Heidi off the leash".  Now Heidi rushes like crazy to me for a session of TLC, whilst Zion snuggles up to RoseMarie for the same thing!


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