Sunday, 7 July 2019

Don't be a POVEY

Yesterday afternoon (6th July) I set out to Lakewood Ranch  ( a horrid and huge housing  "development", which has swallowed  up much good agricultural land east of Interstate 75  -  mostly in Manatee County, FL).

* I call LWR a "desert with grass": there is no 'there' there.  It's a place to get lost. 

I was at LWR to meet my friend Ashley Lloyd, and  to see a Movie at the Lakewood Ranch Cinemas, very near to the modern and faux Main Street (Disney light!). 

The Movie was "Yesterday".

BUT DAMMIT I could not find the Cinemas.  Yep they had vanished from view.

In semi-desperation I pulled to the side of the road and asked a pedestrian " do you know how I can find the Lakewood Ranch Cinemas?" 

He grinned and said:  "see that building across the road, the one that has a huge sign reading "CINEMAS".

Then he added " did I pass the test?"


In plain sight!

Oh dear  -  don't be a Povey.

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