A bit of humour for those who listen to "Classical" Music via the Radio in the U.S,A. and the U.K.

St. Martin in the Fields -  a sacred and quiet  space in London's busy and hectic Trafalgar Square.

Classical Music lovers may never had darkened the doors of St. Martin in the Fields, but they will most certainly be acquainted with the Chamber Orchestra known as the "Academy of St. Martin in the Fields" and its founder and long time leader, the late Sir Neville Marriner. 

(The Orchestra is now led by the famed Violinist  Joshua Bell).

But here is a bit of humour re the identification of the Orchestra with its founding leader. (via WCRB Boston).


Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Turn on any classical radio station and you’re guaranteed to hear the ASMF at some point or another, probably conducted by Neville Marriner. 

This phenomenon was parodied back in the 80s by cartoonist Charles Rodrigues in the magazine Stereo Review. A man listens to his radio announce “the Academy of St Martin in the Fields,” while his parrot chimes in, “Neville Marriner conducting.”


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