Friday, 27 September 2019

If this makes me a Socialist, then I am proud!

I picked up my scrip at Walgreen's today.  I paid $15 for  the Clopidogrel tablets (90 days supply)  tablets which should have cost $419 -- this enormously reduced cost is thanks to my superb (Episcopal) Church Pension Fund coverage.

Many American citizens who need Clopidogrel   (especially those without Insurance coverage) would be faced with an annual cost of  nearly $1600  for this essential medication, but I pay only $60 per annum.

Doesn't seem fair, wise, or just. Especially because the cost for the poorer citizens eats up a high percentage of their meager enough incomes, long  before paying for rent, food, and transportation to and from  work.

We clearly need an equalizing national health system which provides the best care at the lowest cost for all citizens.

But you, my republican friends, will protest that such a system would be "socialist" (so it must be bad).

Oh phoney baloney; get your mind and act together!  Move beyond your unintelligent and politically biased  prejudices, and vote and work for that which is best for all Americans.

"One Nation (under G-d) with liberty and justice for ALL"

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