Saturday, 21 September 2019

What could be better than Kippers for Breakfast?

For more than you need to know about Kippers see this:

British born as I am I'm a Kipper aficionado.   I consider them to be one of the great  gourmet foods from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

I ordered some from a Scottish Gourmet Foods outfit in Greensboro', North Carolina.  


They arrived all smoked and butterflied looking like this:

I beheaded them, de-tailed them, and de-finned them for my breakfast today.  

 I broiled one half,  and ate it for my breakfast with two poached eggs and some good bread.

Oh Joy!   Oh Bliss!  Oh Gustatory Delight!

Even better, I have another half Kipper for Sunday's Breakfast.

If any of my American friends are willing to try Kippers I'll order some, on the condition that they are also willing to try and eat Steak and Kidney Pudding.

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