Wednesday, 18 September 2019

When Isaac Could Not Stop Laughing

Oh the adventures I have!

As Zion and I left Arlington Park in Sarasota at about 8:00 a.m. this morning  we came across a mother and son who were also completing their walk with their dog  (maybe a Shih Tzu mix)  

The wee dog was a bit shy, but was soon seduced with Zion's charm.

But the boy (maybe aged 10 and certainly named Isaac) was utterly entranced with my dear Zion, and paid my dog some gentle physical attention - much to the liking of Z. 

Isaac asked many questions about Z.  I pointed out Zion's double dew claws - perhaps an indication of Zion's Great Pyrenees heritage.

It was time for us to go our separate ways : -Isaac to school with his Mum, and I to home.

But just before we parted I said "Isaac, there is one more thing I want you to see".

I hoisted my walking shorts about two inches and said "Isaac, here is a great pair of knees".

This good boy paused for a second, and then he got it!..  He began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh.  I had tickled him pink!

His Mom looked on with approval.  She and I each knew that the name Isaac means "son of laughter", so we delighted in young Isaac's joy.

I have been giggling about this encounter all day. I hope that young Isaac and his Mom have also had their fair share of giggles.

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