Tuesday, 10 September 2019

You know it, and I know it!

Zion has been with me for a while.  I've had him bathed, and I've bathed him myself.

Today, for the first time I splurged so that he could not only be bathed, but also be groomed.  

He needed to be "tidied up" so I took him to the somewhat oddly named "Three Dog Bakery"  a place at the University Town Centre where they bake nutritious but also delicious  "high end" dog food.

Three Dog Bakery has an ancillary dog grooming business, so that's where we were.

The groomer, upon meeting Zion, went into utter joy at his physical beauty and his gracious temperament, as well she should!

Her joy made me weep.  I love my dog so much. 

I left Zion at the Three Dog Bakery so that I could have lunch with my good friend Ann Albritton at Sarasota's wonderful Siam Gulf restaurant  (12th and Tuttle).  Ann will soon be moving in retirement to Thomasville GA.

Back at the Bakery I learned that Zion had been the perfect guest during his bath and grooming.  I was not surprised!

Goodness gracious  - Zion and I are so blessed to have met each other.

Zion after grooming. He is exceptional in looks and in  gentle temperament.

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