Friday, 18 October 2019

SARASOTA FL More Urban Beauty (and Urban UGH)

The Pet Supply Center  (Webber and Beneva, SRQ) is a locally owned business which many of us love to patronise, not only because of the wide range of products and the terrific staff, but also because of the oasis of urban beauty this business has created.

A gorgeous pollinator habitat.

Spilling down on to the walkway.

 Attracting bees,butterflies and humans

Good work!  A place of loveliness at a busy urban intersection.


Thank goodness for the urban beauty here  (and at the Cove Cleaners business,  which I featured yesterday).


There is also Urban Ugliness.  

SRQ  (and most villages, towns, cities throughout the world) has infestations of urban ugliness: sources of environmental degradation;  of difficult/dangerous road conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers of  human sized passenger vehicles,   particularly in the night hours.

Military sized behemoths;  now the passenger vehicle of choice for men who are size obsessed, and, (this may offend you),  for a new breed of macho women.

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