Ethnic Food Binge #1 SCOTLAND

I am on a bit of an ethnic food binge; getting ready for the next and inevitable "Brexit" economic depression, and collapse of  U.K. international trade.

My first purchases have been from Scotland.

1.  Dundee Cake

I had a taste memory a few months ago, which led me to buy some Dundee Cake from a Scottish Gourmet mail order company here in the U.S.A.  Sadly the Scottish Bakery which supplied the mail order co. has gone out of business.

But I was able to buy some Dundee Cake (made in Hull, England) from my local "Scots Corner" retail store on 17th St. in Sarasota.

Forget all the jokes about the fruit cake which is given as a gift at Christmas, and then re-gifted for donkeys' years.

You'll never re-gift Dundee Cake; it  is a rich and delicious fruit cake which you will want to hoard.  Rich and moist, it is topped with almonds.  Many people eat  a slice with a topping of Seville Orange Marmalade, or of fine Preserves.

2.  Ecclefechen Tarts.

Named for a small village in Scotland (not far from the border with England), these are a kind of pimped up and more flavorful mincemeat tart; with sultanas, almonds, currants and cherries.

I will eat mine warmed up, with a dollop of vanilla Gelato on top.

(Eccle   related to the word Ecclesiastical, meaning Church; and Fechan, meaning small).

3.  Haggis 

Oh yes, the traditional Scottish dish; mocked in other lands.

I am way too old  for my first taste of haggis; but enjoy it I will!

Sadly the U.S.A. government regulations forbid the importation of the "real thing" from Scotland, so I will be eating a Haggis made in the States by good Scottish folks.

The ingredients include venison, oatmeal, beef liver etc, and Scottish whiskey. Not bad eh?

Foods such as Haggis, Chitterlings, Hoppin' John; Biscuits and Grav; and the English Faggots, (no silly jokes please -  my Mum made the best ones ever),  were the necessary foods for the ordinary poor people.

And here is what the "experts" tell us about these good ethnic foods from Scotland.



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