Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Dafty old coot. Yes, me!

There are two strains of old coot behavior:  the Grumpy and the Daffy.  I can be both.

With that in mind,  perhaps I should not have mentioned in my blog yesterday of the possibility of being pulled over by the Police under suspicion of driving whilst being an old coot.

For today I was clearly a daffy old coot.  Utterly daffy!

I was at my barber shop -  the one I have used for thirteen years.    I opted to wait in for the owner (Patrick) even though his chair-rental barber was not busy.

The chair-rental barber began to speak to me.  I responded as best I could,  given that his voice was very soft.

In due course I asked him to speak up 'cause I could hardly hear what he was saying.

At which point  Patrick and the man in his chair burst into laughter.

"He's not talking to you"  Patrick said  -  "he is having a conversation with someone via his mobile 'phone".

I was exposed as a "daffy old coot",   in public!

I could not restrain my laughter.  You should also have a giggle about my daffy old coot-ness! 

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