He, dammit, was beating his dog; and a healing visit to the Symphony Orchestra. We weep at cruelty and we weep at beauty.

My neighbour Barbara and I walk with Zion on Sunday mornings and then decamp to Panera Bread (outside) for a mug of coffee.

Our pattern is that Barbara gets her coffee whilst I walk Zion around the parking lot, and then Barbara holds Zion's leash as I get my coffee.

As Z and I walked I saw a gentleman (?) walk into Panera with his dog.

By the time I got back to the outdoor seating the man and his downtrodden dog

Stock photo', not the actual dog,
were close to Barbara.  She enticed the dog, but his owner said that he had been spooked and was not too friendly.  The man and dog wandered off. I went into Panera and encountered another  man who was fit to be tied. "Why" he said, is "that man beating the hell out of his dog?"

Back outside, Barbara was in tears.  She had also seen the man beating his dog.   She assailed the man with the kind of language which would shame a sailor.

The man and his dog disappeared into the side streets.   There was nothing, that we could do apart from kidnapping, to rescue this poor sad dog; who longs to be loved.

The image of a beaten and downtrodden dog haunted me all day.

This afternoon I was at a Sarasota Symphony Orchestra Concert.

First on the bill was Richard Strauss' Don Juan Tone Poem . Lots of sound and fury signifying nothing!

Then Mozart's Piano Concerto #20 with the very wonderful French pianist Lise de la Salle at the keyboard.

What fabulous music.  What a terrific pianist. What a privilege to  see and hear it.

Lise was called back for an encore. She played the Siciliano  from Bach's Flute Sonata # 2, as transcribed for piano.

Oh what bliss.  I said to my seat mates  "that was exquisite". 
The man replied "exquisite is the only word".

You can listen to it here:


The healing power of this music has not obliterated my images of a beaten and downtrodden dog;  but the music has reminded me that this oft time cruel and ugly world also produces exquisite beauty. 



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