Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Isn't this just the coolest thing?

Tuesday and Wednesday have been two rich and rewarding days: days of learning and challenge,  at my local Synagogue, and with members of the GLBT community -  with an emphasis on the T part.

You'll hear about it in due course, but for now I need time to think it through.  

So today you get "Povey Light".

I've seen this mother and daughter three times at Arlington Park.  I find the "young child buggy cum tricycle" to be fascinating.

The mother gave me permission to take this photo'

In it, the child is apparently pedaling, but the Mum is pushing and doing all the hard work.  As the wee one gets stronger she will be able to pedal her trike alone, since the "Mum handle" is detachable.

But when the little girl's legs get "all tired" Mum will be able to reinsert her handle, and push the child home.

Ain't "low tech" great?

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