Last Wednesday evening, Nov 20th was tough.

Zion and I strut our stuff every other Thursday  at Sarasota's

a wonderful centre  for GLBTQ young people.

I simply sit and relax,  as  Zion works his magic with the attendees.

We did a bit of extra duty last Wednesday when ALSOYouth hosted a vigil, in memory and honour of the known twenty seven trans women who have been murdered this year in the U.S.A.  simply and solely because they were Trans.

I was moved and burdened beyond words.  We remembered by name the youngest who was aged 17  up to the oldest who was aged 56.  Most were in their twenties.

Imagine that.  Twenty seven lives snuffed out, all on account of prejudice.

It was a tough, searing, and challenging evening.

The Vigil

Amanda, the program director for Also.

Inside, before the Vigil.

Zion and I re-unite with Merlin --  we knew them when they worked in our local Walgreen's Pharmacy


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