Thursday, 26 December 2019

A Belly Laugh On Christmas Day

Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas.

As a matter of fact, neither did the earliest Christians.

On Christmas Day 2019 two middle+ aged J.W's (a woman and a man)  were making their quiet witness in Arlington Park.  They sat quietly on a bench opposite the dog park, with an easel which announced their presence, waiting with patience in the event that some person would care to hear their witness.  

As I walked by the woman made a wee fuss of Zion, and the three of us said hallo,

Then, knowing that J.W's do not observe Christmas, and with  twinkle in my eye I said  "Happy Wednesday"

The man caught my humour and burst into a great belly laugh.  He knew that I was not being unkind.

"You caught my humour" I said,   "Oh yes" he replied, and this time the woman joining him, we all laughed again.

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