Savour the Season

The Christmas Season for Christians begins on December 25th and ends on January 6th.  

Jan 6th is known as "The Feast of the Epiphany" for some Christians; or as  "Little Christmas" for others.)

I anticipate and savour the twelve day  season by not opening and enjoying my Christmas Cards until December 25th.

I got behind this year, so I did not open my Cards until December 26th (Boxing Day, or St. Stephen's Day.)

Not to worry.  December 26th is still in the Christmas Season.

I enjoyed the slow process of opening each and every one; savouring the love and care which each card offers.

(And I use  a paper knife which my brother Martyn and his wife Wendy gave me for my 65th birthday.  I  reserve it  for use only in the Christmas Season).


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