I saw what I saw, but I did not perceive what I saw.....

.......... until later.


Arlington Park again on Sunday January 5th.

Couple of nondescript guys, maybe thirty-something, dressed in black jeans and shirts; hanging around in the parking area next to a somewhat beat up 1990's Toyota.

'Twas a bit unusual 'cause most of the men I see at the park are mostly old coots such as I with our dogs; or enthusiastic runners; or wonderful young dads with their children.

Zion and I completed our circuit.

The guys were still there.  Mr. Z. dragged me t'ward them. The younger of the two made a fuss of Zion whilst I looked into the car.

In the driver's seat was another young man who was leaning over a woman in the front passenger seat,  with what appeared to be a blow torch.

I moved away. The younger of the two said "they are taking a blood test".  In all my innocence  I replied "good luck with that".

As I turned onto Tuttle Ave. the light dawned.  I had witnessed free-basing.

In a way I was glad that my perception was poor.  For what could I have done?  I could have called the Police.  Maybe I should have done so.  

But the 'Toyota Four' would most likely have scarpered,  long before Sarasota's best arrived.

If  not, there would have been arrests.and maybe trials.  Fair game (maybe)  for the dealers; but not for the users.  I see no point in incarcerating people for the use of illegal drugs (unless they do harm to others whilst high).

Check this link for more information about Florida's Hellish Prisons.  (N.B. I have known Joe Kimock since he was a High School Student in Pittsfield, MA).




Now for the bait and switch.

Here is a photo' of Zion -  to get your attention to my main story (above).

The lesser story is that Zion does not want me to read.

When I go to my Lanai for my afternoon reading, (currently  "Isaac's Storm", by  Erik Larson - all about the 1900 Hurricane which hit Galveston, TX and  caused the death of 6,000 people).

 Just as soon I get into my book, Mr. Z  nudges my arm with his wet nose.  He nudges it again.  I put my book down.  I tickle his ears.  I pat his head.  He slinks to the ground and goes belly up.  In his world a belly rub is more important that my reading matter!



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