Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Semper Fi,: - and RIP for a friend I made when I was 64 years old, and she was 85 years old.

I moved to Sarasota FL in 2006. Two years later I made a new friend.  

She and I would exchange cheerful greetings as walked around the pond at Glen Oaks Manor in Sarasota FL.

We became friends on Nov 9th 2008. On that day I walked the pond and came across Betty as she sat on a bench to rest.

"Well" she said, "what do you think of Obama's election?"

I took a deep breath,  (Obama was not universally popular and I did not know her politics), then  said: "I am delighted!"

She threw her hands in the air with delight. Her response changed everything! We became great pals.

She was Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Mullen.  .  

Betty was the widow of Joe Mullen who died long before I moved to Sarasota.  They were the parents of  John, Steve (dec'd),Mary and Michael.

Since 2008 I've spent so many late afternoon happy hours with Betty.

She was a WWII veteran Marine, as was her husband Joe, who was also called back to serve in the Korean conflict.

Betty was funny, feisty, as stubborn as a mule, and more liberal than God.

On Monday last her oldest son John (visiting her from Colorado) asked me to pray with his beloved Mom, who was moving toward 
death at age 96.

I did so.  

She passed from this life earlier today (Jan 15th 2020), aged 96.

I will miss her far more than you could imagine

  1. Zion and Betty.

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