I Have A Handyman Par Excellence

It was Melba H-K who put me on to him.  He has fixed and improved stuff in my home for more than eight years, at reasonable prices, and with great skill.

You probably know that he has been replacing and improving the lighting in my otherwise gloomy kitchen.  He'll finish on Feb 13th. It already looks good.

As he worked  today he saw that the light in the extractor fan over my oven was not working.

I knew this.  There was a time when I could jiggle the switch to make the light work.  That time ended about a year ago.

My handyman had a replacement switch in his treasure stove. He didn't need to seek my permission to install the new switch, so he did so, much to my happiness.

So now I can use the range-top in good light.

All things bright and beautiful - an improved  hood light.

My kitchen is small.  In the ideal world it would be totally  re-modeled. That would be a frivolous expense at my age.

So I will gladly settle for minor but essential improvements,  at the hands of my good handy man.

His business card describes him as a "Master Tinkerer".

That's just the kind of guy I need!


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