Sunday, 9 February 2020

Sarasota FL, 9th Feb 2020: The Great and the Ghastly

N.B.  All of the photo's in this entry are from stock, i.e. not taken by me.


My good friend Ashley and I decided to go out for breakfast this  morning. We looked for a place which would be  much, much better than the national chains; and better than a local greasy spoon.  

We chose well and ate at "The Rosemary" on Orange Ave., a block north of Fruitville Rd.

The food was superb and the service was first class Our server attended to our needs without wanting to be our best friend!  She was great.

Ashley had the
 ST. GEORGE OMELETTE Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions, Diced Tomatoes & Brie Cheese. Served with Choice of Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Patty’s Cheese Grits or Fresh Fruit.

I opted for
BERMUDA FISH CAKE BENEDICT  Fresh White Fish, Poached Egg, Key Lime Hollandaise & Diced Tomato. Served with Choice of Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Patty’s Cheese Grits or Fresh Fruit. (Eggs benny served on a fish cake not on an English Muffin)

Breakfast this morning was a rare and delicious treat for both of us.


Later in the day as I drove away from my local Publix Supermarket I noticed a thin and gaunt man who was (even though I could not hear him) clearly berating a woman who was loading her car with groceries. The man wandered off into his own darkness.

I stopped, and called out to the woman " was that man insulting you?".  "Yes", she said.  I countered with "I am very sorry that it happened".  

She, light skinned, and wearing "western dress", with a hijab responded "we are Muslims and we are used to this.  We just keep quiet and do not respond."

I again said " I am very sorry that this happened to you."

What a ghastly, irrational, and inconsistent thing to happen.  Here in Sarasota we ooh and aah at the quaint "folkloric" dress worn by our winter female Amish guests, with their long dresses, unusual head wear, or head scarves.

But a woman wearing a Hijab

 is cursed out, insulted, and orally or physically abused.

I raise a question and I think that I know the answer.

Is this in anyway connected to the daily, (nay hourly) string of angry, mean, insulting and racist tweets which are spewed by our Chief Executive?  He who lives in  his own dangerous darkness.

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