Tuesday, 18 February 2020

That cat, that cat, where did you get that cat? (and His Lordship)

The first time it happened was understandable. I walked into my bedroom only to be shocked  by the sight of this ultra-fluffy cat on my bed.

The second time it happened I was foolish.

The third time I was utterly stupid.

For you see,  I do not have a cat.   But thrice my thought was "why is there a cat on my bed?" 

I'd been looking at a feather duster which I used to remove the cobwebs and dog hairs from the louvered wooden doors to my walk in closet, and my bathroom.

I knew that it was a feather duster which I'd left on my bed,  But what I knew and what I saw were at odds.

I know that I do not have a cat.  But three times I saw a feather duster, and momentarily thought that it was a cat!


I've been making incremental improvements to my kitchen (not before time!)

In the spirit of improvement I decided that Zion should be included by the provision of a better and more dignified feeding station.   

 Here it is:

I bought it at the local and independently owned Pet Supply Store on Webber/Beneva in Sarasota. Shop locally!!'

The elegant metal cradle was created  by a military veteran who lives on Longboat Key FL.   His retirement hobby is welding.

Any profits from his skillful work go to charities for military veterans.

Zion ( as is the case with most dogs)  is chary and wary of new things.  He was both curious and cautious about his new feeding station.

His hunger will trump his caution!

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