Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Boring Blog Tonight!

The wonderful Hispanic guys have finished with their work on my mansard, (if it is a mansard.) I am very happy with the results.

See pics on right, (captions are above the picture) and check the following for a wikepedia article on mansards.

The cats, Adelaide and Ada continue to bring delight. (again see pictures- captioned above).

Ada is the more affectionate, but also very shy. Once I cajole her, she loves to be caressed. She eats well.

Adelaide follows me everywhere. I call her “Miss Nosey Cat”. She demands to be hand fed with her dried food, and disdains canned food.

They are still quite wary of each other. Ada is the more aggressive and will “bat” Adelaide if she gets too near.

1 comment:

  1. What an improvement! The new mansards look terrific. Makes the lines of the building look neat and clean. Really spruces up the place.

    Hope you've finally been able to move the plants back to their rightful place.