Monday, 12 May 2008

Soft in the head? Or the Sacrament of Beer?

I live in Glen Oaks Ridge Condominium community. Our single storey units have flat roofs and mansards.

The latter have worn out after 35 years (a long time since they are made from Styrofoam - yes Styrofoam). They are being replaced with a superior metallic material which, although it comes in strips, looks like tile.

It’s been a long process. My “old” mansard was removed in February. But the “tiling” has not yet been completed. The workers tell me that they will apply the finishing touches on Wednesday, (14th May ‘08).

They are hard workers. Their work day begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m. Every day they come up to SRQ from Naples - at least 100 miles south of here, and return there at night.

I have a soft spot for them. Most are immigrants from Mexico and from Central America. Few speak English. I say it again - they are hard workers - toiling in the heat of the day.

We exchange our “holas” and grins.

The “first team” was at my house three weeks ago.

In a day or two (see above), the “second team” will arrive to finish the detail work.

Earlier today I asked the English speaking worker if he and his co-workers liked beer.
“Yes”, he replied, “but after work”.

So I bought a six pack, and suggested that one of them should come to my unit at the end of the day.

Sure as eggs “Omera” showed up. I got the beer from my fridge, and as I gave it to him he said “nice, cold”. (A couple of English words which he’s picked up). I introduced myself as ”Miguel” , and he left my front door bearing a happy grin.

I think that beer is a sacrament of friendship!

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