Saturday, 17 May 2008

This, that and the other - with a bit of "huma"

I have reformatted Clay Thomas’s sermon (my blog yesterday), to make it easier to read.


HUMA. I was at a Target Store this morning, and as I wandered a food aisle, a Dad and Son passed me.

The boy was maybe four, five, six years old. He was wanting his Dad to purchase some snack food.

“No” said Daddy, “you had thus and such for your breakfast”

“But I am still hungry” said the child.

“Too bad” was Dad’s reply.

Then as they passed me in the aisle the lad said

“Daddy, please don’t say ‘too bad’ to your old son”.

I laughed out loud, as did the Dad.


I had lunch with Lisa and Lisa, (a couple each with the same first name). They shown up at the gay and lesbian bowling group about a year ago, and I have tried to stay in touch.

Both have busy lives and it’s been hard to get together. But our patience was worthwhile, and we had a fine old visit over a simple lunch.


Last week I, for the first time in my life, sent a small amount of money to the campaign chest of a candidate for national office. I have very strong convictions about the next Presidential election.

I am proud of the “bumper sticker” which now adorns my car.


Former St. James’s, Cambridge parishioner Tracy Wells was in touch today. She wandered into St. James’s from Harvard Divinity School where she was a student, and she and the parish fell in love.

After she was graduated Tracy spent a year in a parish based ministry discernment program in Nebraska, and then moved to Atlanta. She’s been in a nine month “discernment process” with the (Episcopal) Diocese of Atlanta, and today learned they she had been accepted as a postulant for Holy Orders.

Whoop - de- doo”. The Episcopal Church will prosper as it continues to call wonderful young women such as Tracy to ordained ministry.


Gardening is great. “Dust we are, and unto dust we shall return”, so we humans need contact with the humus, to remind us who we are.

I’ve been cutting down some very tired old bushes at the back of my house. They were “way past their best”. I had a pay a landscaper to pull the eleven roots out of the ground, using a chain and a small ‘dozer.

It seemed good to replace them with good and colourful perennials.

Yesterday I was at “Lowes” a major DIY store to get some cow manure. One of their young workers offered to help me load the bags of manure, but I declined saying “No thanks, I’ll take care of my own shit”.

Then it was off to the best local nursery to buy the perennials. I chose grasses and crotons for a side border which is in the “keyhole” between my condo and the neighbour’s. And I bought “Florida friendly, drought resistant, butterfly attracting” plants for the border outside the Lanai.

I spread the manure, and did the planting at 6:00 a.m. today, before it got too hot. By next spring there will be a lovely display of Angelonias, Pentas, Perennial Salvias, and Jatrophas. And perhaps many butterflies.


Ada and Adelaide have had two cat fights. Ada staked out the area under my bed as “hers”, and she has taken off with a vengeance when Adelaide has strayed into that area. Fur has indeed flown.

There was a fight this morning. Addy took refuge under a cabinet, and after I made a loud noise, Ada ran out to the enclosed Lanai. I shut the sliding glass door, but after Ada head-butted it four times with an unbelievable force, I let her back into the dining room. She immediately ran and hid under the bed.

These fights are inevitable for now, but I keep a spray bottle of water nearby lest they should get too violent.

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