More about Sarasota - Siesta Key

There are four “Keys” in this area.

“Key” is the Florida word for a barrier Island.

Three of them are Bird Key, Lido Key, and Longboat Key (linked to each other, and to the mainland by bridges and causeways).

The fourth is Siesta Key - with its totally lovely beaches.

I now attend Church, and am an affiliated Priest at St. Boniface Church on Siesta Key. This Key is linked to the mainland by two drawbridges.

“Boniface” was born in Crediton, Devon as Winfryth. He was named Boniface (Good Deeds) by a Pope.


St. Boniface Church is a wonderful parish. It has good music, very fine preaching, and excellent liturgy. It is a parish Church which is open to ALL God’s people.

The Revd Andi (Andrea) Taylor is one of the full time Priests. I knew and adored her when she was in Lexington, MA.

I’ve also gotten to know the Revd. Jack Chrisman, and his wife Donna. Jack is both a retired Priest and a retired U.S Navy Captain.

I had a fabulous lunch with Jack and Donna at their home after Church today.

And I always sit with the wonderful Adrian and Anno Swain. (I’d gotten to know Anno at Resurrection House where she volunteers on Wednesdays)

Later I saw a silly but amusing play at the Florida Studio Theatre - (a Murder, a Mystery, and Marriage) based on a short story by Mark Twain.

After the show I had dinner at Ceviche in SRQ with Ben and our friends Bill and Patrick. We were joined by one of the actors from the play (Andy Paterson) and his wife Tina.


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