Monday, 24 November 2008

The things I see.

1. When I walk each morning I see two lovely “human made” lakes with various aquatic birds getting ready for the daylight. Most mornings I see marvellous sunrises with the lakes all golden. I see other walkers. Many are with their dogs - and they are now my friends (the dogs not the owners!).

2. When I walk on the business streets nearby I see all too much trash. You never see this when you drive.

3. If I walk downtown I see so many businesses with no customers. Life is tough for small time entrepreneurs. I wonder how they hang on.

4. When walking downtown I also see many of the homeless. This happened today. After lunch with my co-volunteers Len and Carol Higby, I walked back to my car and encountered some of my Res House friends. Leo was there. He said “Pastor Michael, you make me feel edgy”. I sat on the park bench alongside him and asked “why is that?” He replied “oh that does not matter, but I love you”.

5. As I drive around town I see many signs. One, at a cafe, says “free coffee with breakfast or lunch”. Another, at an apartment complex, reads “free gas or food for a year if you rent”. At many street intersections I see folks with signs which they wave - signs for this business or another. The “wavers” are paid about six bucks an hour for their thankless task. Their signs are a “sign” that business is bad.

6. And I see the lovely faces of homeless women and men at Res House.

I am grateful for the gift of sight.

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