Times are tough - what are you feeling?

I was with a group of sensible Priests this morning. We talked about what people are “feeling” given the present dire state of our economies - in just about every country.

I, being something of a contrarian, challenged my colleagues. I wanted to know if they were reporting “what they thought” people were feeling, or “what they knew about people’s feelings – via first hand conversations”.

No-one responded in a way which satisfied me. It seemed that they were responding
from “what they thought people were thinking”, rather from what people had in fact told them.

So I ask you to please add a comment to this blog.

Tell me (and other readers) what you are “feeling” at the moment. Please do not post economic analyses.

Rather, post from your gut, your heart, your bowels.

What do you feel in these shaky economic days?

Please add your comment.


  1. Maybe I would call it disbelief? or disconnect? that things could get as bad as people are saying they could get. I realize in a vague sense that Things Could Get Bad, but feel powerless about it and feel like I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  2. This situation has made me realize that I put my trust in the wrong things.. government, business, leaders, experts, television news, stock market, and the like. It has given me the opportunity to rethink my personal priorities every day.

  3. Annoyed with myself for accepting that politicians would ever do anything except lie to us.

    Fearful for my familys future,especially the kids long term.

    Frustrated at the lack of long term planning both by Government & Business. How on earth can we borrow to get out of a mess caused by borrowing.

  4. I am content. We're having lasagna(frrom scratch), just the two of
    us, no plans, no elaborate menu, no worries about who can eat this or
    that. We are glad we're not young anymore. Our healtth is good and we
    have each others and many memories.

    (Potsed by Michael from Anon)

  5. Some fear, some concern, but mostly gratitude that I have a "safety net" of family and friends, and gratitude knowing that I may be that "safety net" for someone else, depending on the circumstances. Similar to Chub's feelings, I realize I have put too much trust in retirement accounts, employers, and government, when my trust should be in the Lord.

  6. Lucky one day, scared to death the next. Part of living paycheck to paycheck is living with the uncertainty of how to keep the bill stack from growing out of control. The flip side of that is I know exactly what I have materially and it is not changing. I optimize my time with my family and try to laugh a lot and I know that as long as I keep working, we'll be fine.
    The not so good is that the company I work for was just sold to a company that has a history of "downsizing". That is terrifying.
    Oh well- back to thinking about the great meal my wife will surely have ready when I get home. I think she said mexican tonight...


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