A gift to be simple

I had planned an extensive blog tonight, with the photo’s I took a couple of days ago.

But life intervened!

The prayer service at Res. House this morning was lovely. There were 8 of us, all men, for a simple service in the little Chapel. I get moved to tears every week at this service. My homeless friends pray for everything in the world but themselves. And there are almost always more men than women.

(Did you see that in Church recently?!).

Chapel ended, I hoved over to Tampa Airport to meet my dear Betsy, who is here, from Pittsfield, for the third year in a row. She is the daughter of my former colleague, the Revd. Cortland R. Pusey and his wife Betty Pusey (both now passed from this life).

It’s always a joy to be with Betsy. We got back home for lunch (nibbling on good cheese and a few peanuts). Then, en-route to choir practice at All Angels on Longboat Key (*), I left Betsy at Lido Beach where she walked for an hour in perfect weather.

(*) All Angels is a lovely parish where I help out from time to time. Each year they have a 12th Night concert, followed by dinner. For the fun of it, and with gratitude to Dale Hooey their excellent Director of Music, I’ll sing with their choir for the January 2009 Concert.

Supper tonight was simple. Cold chicken, and salad, with a bit of fried polenta, made for an excellent repast.

Ben joined us. We enjoyed the meal with some good wine, fine conversation, and great humour.

The old Shakers wrote “’Tis a gift to be simple”. On this uncomplicated but wonderful day I knew what they meant.


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