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This 1

I assisted at St. Boniface Church on Siesta Key at the 9:00 a.m. Eucharist today, reading the Gospel and ministering the Chalice at Communion.

It felt good. St. B’s is a large and progressive parish, and I have a high respect for the Rector, Ted Copeland. This is now my “home”

You can read about St. Bi’s at

... and if you click on the December newsletter you will read about my role there.

This 2

The following, taken from an internet news source might help us understand that Islam is not monolithic whatever the western press may say.

Huda Ezra Ibrahim Nunu, one of just 37 Jewish people living in Bahrain, has been selected as that country's Ambassador to the United States.

This 3

There is an old tree at the back of my house which bears avocados. Five of them dropped to the ground in today’s rainstorm. I harvested them; and then gave three away, keeping two for myself.

That 1

We’ve had a local chain of 27 Convenience stores in this neck of the woods. It was privately owned and operated under the name of “Site”. Their prices have been fair and their staff very friendly.

The owner decided to retire, so he sold his chain to a national group called “7/11”.

(7/11 was founded in California, with the daring idea that Convenience Stores should open at 7:00 a.m., and close at 11:00 p.m.).

Now that the Site Stores have become 7/11 all the staff is new, and the prices have rocketed. I’ll not be shopping there again.

When will they ever learn?

That 2

I bought a “Remington” moustache and beard trimmer today - my old one having ceased to work.

“Remington” is a trusted name, the price was right, and the product will probably be good.

But “oh that packaging”. You know what I mean – that ghastly, horrible hard plastic packaging. The stuff which cuts your hands as you try to tear it apart.

Why, oh why, do manufacturers use that “user unfriendly” packing?

When will they ever learn?

Finicky cats.

I have been buying the top of the line canned and dried foods for Ada and Adelaide.

It’s sold as “Science Diet”

But my dear cats started to shun their luxury food.

So now I am buying the common or garden “Friskies”, which they gobble down.

My beloved cats are finicky, but they seem to be entirely contented after dinner!

See the pics above. [Black cats do not photograph well)


  1. See

    for some promising news on the clamshell packaging front...

  2. The cats may know best. For years I tried to be oh-so-virtuous in my choice of cat food. Then my vet told me that cats need protein and that many top-of-the line foods don't offer much more than Friskies etc. in the way of nutrition.


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