Saturday, 6 December 2008

Sarasota Neighbourhoods - Gulf Gate

Ron and Charlotte Thompson are new friends. I met them two years ago, and they are “good news”. I always enjoy being with them. They live in a neat neighbourhood known as “Gulf Gate”.

The exceptional thing about this area is what we call “Gulf Gate Village”. This includes just three streets, with a multitude of local businesses.

The village is within walking distance of Ron and Charlotte’s home. It is truly a neighbourhood shopping area. Just about every shopping need can be met.

The single story shops are user friendly, with no towering malls or plazas. And there are no “chain-stores” here. There are only locally owned businesses.

Our Cities depend on neighbourhoods such as this for their welfare, “community sense”, and prosperity.

I am glad that Sarasota has an area such as Gulf Gate Village. I hope that the photo’s will give you a clue as to the nature of this local shopping area.

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