Thursday, 16 April 2009

Republicans are stupid.

April 15th was the deadline for filing 2008 tax returns in these United States.

(I had filed my tax return long before this date).

All over America there were “Tea Parties”: - gatherings of people to protest taxes. The protests were allegedly spontaneous.

These people were ignorant, wilful and misled.

They were ignorant of history. The original “Boston Tea Party” had to do with taxation without representation. It was not about the very notion of taxation.

They were wilful. They are not against taxation for the military, for national security, and for local protection (police, fire-fighters, courts, prisons etc). But they are opposed to taxation for health care, public education, the arts, relief of poverty, assistance to the mentally and physically disabled .... etc.

They were misled. The protests were not spontaneous. They were carefully arranged and crafted by Republican operatives who are determined to derail any actions by our President.

The anti-tax lunacy may mean that Sarasota’s finest Art Gallery and Theatre will have to close. For they are, in part, funded publically.

If the Ringling Museum and the Asolo Theatre are forced to close, then the tourist stream will dry up.

Will the Republican small business owners, and anti-taxers, then be glad that they have bitten the hand that fed them?

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  1. Michael, Today's political action was not only Republican. I know many Democrats and Independents who participated. The issue is not taxation, but the giving of trillions of dollars of tax money to greedy banks and insurance companies.
    I have no pity on the Ringling Museum. Joyce and I joined four friends for a visit yesterday and I was insulted and treated very poorly by at least one member of the staff in one of the venues. All six of us were supporters of Ringling but we will not be returning nor will we be recommending it to visitors who come to Florida. I complained to a board member and at least four people at the admissions desks. I also sent an e mail but have received no reply. The museum deserves what it gets! They can ill afford to lose supporters! Sorry to be so negative but I call 'em as I see 'em! dale