Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Katherine J Schori is not nice

Being “nice” is not enough….

British Premier (from 1937 to 1940) Neville Chamberlain tried to be nice to German Chancellor Ad-lph H-tler. That niceness was not productive.

Current Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams has excelled in his niceness to Benedict the 16th, Bishop of Rome. “Benny 16”, a.k.a. the Pope, has responded to this niceness by flirting with, and seducing Anglican dissidents. (Rome never changes).

Our good President Barack Obama has the right instincts on many policy issues. But he is being too damn nice to those Republican Senators and Representatives who are working day and night to retard Obama’s progressive policies.

It’s impossible to be nice to Palestinians without being honest with Israelis.

I want to slide through many days by being nice.

From time to time I have the courage to move from niceness to honesty. It is hard work.

I so wish that Archbishop Rowan, and President Obama, and the near-East peace negotiators would share a desire to be more honest than nice.

P.S. (Our Episcopal Primate - the Most Revd. Katherine J. Schori - is a skilled practitioner of honesty (thanks be to G-d).

She is fabulously honest. She gives no ground. But she makes her points with graciousness. (Rowan Williams and Barack Obama could learn from her).

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