Thursday, 22 October 2009

A most pleasant day!

The day of which I write began on Wednesday 21st October ’09 with the prayer service which I lead each week at “Resurrection House” (A day shelter for homeless people in Sarasota, FL).

The little chapel at “Res House”, with its 8 chairs, was “crowded” with 14 of us.

As is often the case I was moved by the prayers of the homeless folks. They are almost never prayers for themselves. They are almost always prayers for others.

I do not preach at these services. Homeless people are obliged to listen to many “preachers”, as the ticket price for a meal.

Instead, I choose a bit of a bible verse (e.g. “I am the light of the world”) which we repeat out loud for 4 or 5 times, and then say “in the silence of our hearts” for a couple of minutes.

Then we light candles on the altar table as a sign of prayer. Some people vocalize their prayer; others light a candle in silence.

There follows the “Our Father”, and the “Hail Mary”. We then stand in a circle with our hands on each others’ shoulder as I utter words of blessing. We often end with a chant from Taize.

Later in the day, at home, my new bed was delivered, (more about this in a minute). In the evening I had a fabulous dinner at the home of friends Ron and Charlotte. They are both great cooks, and dinner at their home is always an occasion for great conversation. My pals David and Ben were also with us.

This day, Thursday 22nd October I attended to various chores, in anticipation of the arrival of friends: Ben (again!), Orlando, and James as my guests for lunch. I served a simple home-made chicken salad, with good bread from the German bakery here in SRQ.

The four of us were relaxed enough to stretch lunch out to two hours! My good dog Penne decided that we were good company, and she stretched out on the floor next to the dining table on the lanai.

Penne is a great dog. She loves to walk, and we have been out five times today. I like to watch her as we walk: her head held high, and her tail wagging. Passersby inevitably say “what a lovely dog”. That she is.

About my new bed: I bought it in the face of the fact that I need to sleep almost sitting up, to counteract some mild sleep apnea. This bed is adjustable, and is made by “Ergomotion”.

It’s priced as high as $1480 via internet suppliers. Fortunately for me there is a Macy’s remnant store in nearby Bradenton. (English readers - “Macy’s” is a medium to upscale departmental store in these United States). I was able to buy the (new) bed and mattress at the Bradenton store for $399.

Indeed I have had a most pleasant day, for which I am thankful.

Now I hope for a most pleasant night in my new bed!

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